We are came back here in the sort of GLOBAL FACTS in our modern artical we tend to had passed through the isis right now i’m assure you that you should have thoughts or pounder around some specific queries in addition as everyone seems to be curious to understand the organisation that day by day assulting not solely on specific sectors of states however conjointly mind of individual of every and each lets target the question that usually raise by people. Who is head of AN ISIS ? who is he or she ? however will they operate ISIS ? which issue created them to accept burden or be in of ISIS ? relevant question would be answered during this editorial.

get details of ISIS operations

so lets see who having lion share as well as the myth behind the face of leader of ISIS ?
the enemy for world however the leader for ISIS. Self won title representative of God.Humanity ne’er ever thought by him.
Massacre and assult it’s in his blood.carries the many names however name of coercion is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. currently lets have look United Nations agency is he actually in ISIS in addition in personal life.
*Name:Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

*Born:28 Gregorian calendar month 1971 (age 44)


*Other names:Abu Bakr khalifah patriarch Abu Du’a [‘The Invisible Sheikh’]

*Predecessor:Abu Omar al-Baghdadi

*Religion:Salafism / Wahabism

*Criminal charge:Abu Du’a could be a Specially selected world Terrorist below U.S. govt Order 13224.
He is conjointly listed at the global organization SC 1267/1989 Base Sanctions Committee.

*Allegiance:Jamaat Jaysh Ahl al-Sunnah wa-l-Jamaah[2003 to 2006]
:Mujahideen Shura Council[January 2006 to October 2006]
:Islamic State of Iraq [ October 2006 to April 2013 ]
:Islamic State of Irak and therefore the Levant[April 2013 to present]

*Rank:Leader of ISIL

-Iraq War
-Iraqi rising.
Syrian war.
Bagdadi claims to possess attended the Islamic University of Baghdad wherever he attained a PhD in Islamic studies, however critics dispute this.In the year of 2014, yank and Iraqi intelligence analysts aforementioned that al-Baghdadi encompasses a degree in Islamic studies from a university in Bagdad. in along with a history subject that circulated on Moslem net forums in july 2013, he obtained the BA, MA, and PhD in Islamic studies such a certain degress from the Islamic University of Bagdad.Another report says that he got a degree in education from the University of Bagdad. he’s aforementioned to own supported (c.2003) his own little insurgent cluster, the Jaysh Ahl al-Sunna, active in key, Diyala and Bagdad.if we tend to ar planning to see regarding the baghdadi he was terribly back guy at the age of faculty. as a result of his intelligence he unbroken life in terribly secrte the folks from university of Bagdad the leader of Asian nation army has reveal one thing regarding baghdadi.

{I was with Baghdadi at the Islamic University. we have studied an equivalent course, however he wasn’t an admirer. He was quiet, and retiring. He enjoyed time alone.

Later, once he helped found the Islamic Army, Mr Dabash fought aboard militia leaders United Nations agency were committing a number of the worst excesses in violence and would later kind terrorist organization… [but] Baghdadi wasn’t one amongst them, I accustomed recognize all the leaders (of the insurgency) in person. Zarqawi (the former leader of al-Qaeda) was nearer than a brother to American state… however I did not recognize Baghdadi. He was insignificant. He accustomed lead prayer during a place of worship close to my space. nobody very detected him.}
He was command captive by U.S. Forces-Iraq at Camp Bucca close to Basra from july till Dec 2004 as a
“civilian detained” however eventually was counseled for AN “unconditional release” by a Combined Review and unharness Board. While in Bucca, Baghdadi created contact with many of leader Hussein’s ex-military and intelligence commanders from the Ba’ath Party United Nations agency were
to became Baghdadi’s deputies within the organization Daesh.

Upon his unharness Baghdadi signed on with Jaysh al-Mujahideen for a time in 2005. Its non secular authority, Abu Abdullah Muhammad al-Mansour, wrote of the person United Nations agency would become Caliph:
“I bear witness by Allah – and there is no other alternative divinity except Him – to what i do know from familiarity with this impostor United Nations agency has referred to as himself.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as he had studied below American state with a bunch of the scholarly ones…in the year 2005, then the study was stop attributable to my arrest, and that i had need to recognize him okay. He was of restricted intelligence, slow to grasp, pale in intuitive grasp. For he’s not from among the common students of Islamic data [‘ilm], and his studies background ar tutorial studies within the government universities,
whose customary is thin and that haven’t any relation with forming a student of information, including a knowledgeable person
[referring to Baghdadi’s time at the Islamic University of Baghdad]

Then so he was with United States until the wind up of 2005 among the troopers of our army. He wasn’t among those outstanding within the field, nor was he of the folks of assault and patrol, nor was he of special missions, nor can we recall for him AN genuine incident in reinforcements or confrontation till i used to be in remission, at that purpose the person turned on the brothers, became angry, and started stirring up issues within the cluster…
I conjure God that I don’t say this for the inclination in my soul, however i’d not be recording it were it not for the very fact they need written down their testimony/witness during a book and wished what they wished from this book.


Thus I ensure…that not solely is that this Abu Bakr not steeped in information or a capable student of information, however additionally he’s not the master of a single licensed book in alqeeda [creed] or fiqh [jurisprudence], and our brothers from the Iraqi students of information from all the teams and approaches recognize this okay, and recognize that there’s no link between him and Islamic data, and are conscious of the terribly thin level of
Shari’a data that the govt. universities supply.”
one factor came to from higher than statement the lifetime of baghdadi was very cliffanger.He maintain the correct secrcy regarding himself during a dark days of him means that currently none of can build some disturbance from spreading his policies to world wild.



If we are going to know about the how is the personal life of baghdadi so we came to know very trival information came into exsisitance as per the refrence of some editorial aur reports which given by intelligence agency it has been said that al-baghdadi has three wives,including two from Iraq and one from Syria. the Iraq interior Ministery has said, three is no wofe named saja al-Dulaimi and that al-baghdadi has two wives , asma fawzi al-Dulaimi and Israa Rajab Mahal A-Qaisi.


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