Two Core Qualities TO Success


In order to lead a successful and happy life,we need several qualities.These qualities are to be developed from early childhood.In order to develop these qualities one needs a very strong will.Here are some basic qualities everyone must posses in order to succeed in their aim.

Nowdays in this growing erra the whole world is facing employment issues,the criteria is becoming more difficult to get selected in an interview.So,these are the most important qualities which are being assessed in an job interview.

Will-power is the power to control one’s emotions and impulses.It is the power which helps one to do the right and to avoid the wrong.It is the power to self-control.It helps one to stick to principles in spite of opposition,It makes one the master of oneself.It prevents one from giving up when everything goes wrong.

Will power will be accessed at every stage of the interview because the hiring organisation wants to know your level of strength,your level of mental strength,your giving up mentality,how strong will power you have to help organization in its upliftment.


It is said that no man is an island.We are social beings and we cannot live as islands.No one is independent.We all depend on someone or hte other.We need the help and support of others just as others need our help and support.

Learning to work in co-operation with others is very important.As we are social beings,we live in a society.We have to mingle and mix with others.We have to work with others.An individual is a part of a group.He must contribute his share.In a football team every member is important.The team can win a match only if each member does his best in co-operation with the others.A player no matter how good he is cannot win a match without the support of the others.This is the case with every activity of ours.


Cooperation is a core quality which everyone must have.In today’s world it is said that only few good people are left with many bad ones.So,no one thinks of others benefits.This competitive world has made human mankind a machine which is busy with own duties and forgets to support others and help others.
Every organization needs candidates who could cooperate among others members of the organization.
It is proved that a work done with everybody’s contribution and cooperation brings out better results than a single handed accomplished work.
So,in interview the accessors look for this core quality and judge it from asking you questions about your friends,family background etc.Their main motive is that you should not say any bad about your family members,friends etc,because this shows your social adaptability is nil with your closest ones.

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